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Oil And Gas Assessment

This subsite presents information products and materials relating to the results of the 2007 assessment of Oil and Gas in the Arctic (OGA)

The 2007 assessment of oil and gas activities in the Arctic was prepared in response to a request from the Ministers of the Arctic Council. The assessment was coordinated by AMAP.

The objective of the 2007 OGA was to present an holistic assessment of the environmental, social and economic, and human health impacts of oil and gas activities in the Arctic, and to evaluate the likely future course of development of Arctic oil and gas activities and their potential effects.

The assessment updates information contained in the 1997/98 AMAP assessment reports, including several aspects not covered in the earlier assessments regarding impacts of oil and gas activities. It aims to offer a balanced and reliable document to decision makers in support of sound future management of oil and gas activities in the Arctic, and includes recommendations to the Ministers for their consideration.